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Cary Youth Sports Association

The Cary Youth Sports Association (CYSA) is a qualified 501(c) (3) youth sports association based in the Cary, IL and Fox River Grove, IL Community.  The Founding Members consist of the Cary Basketball Association (CBA), Cary Junior Trojan (CJT) Football Association and The Cary Baseball Federation (CBF).

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing high-quality sports programs to the youth of the Cary-Grove Community.  Our four main focus areas are positive coaching, improving sports facilities, fundraising and providing a convenient way to access all of the youth sports information for the Cary-Grove Community via the web.


  • Maximize the availability and condition of our children’s sports facilities; while continuing to find ways to develop, add, sustain, & increase the quality of the facilities.
  • Provide a “one stop shop” for links, information and schedules to all youth sports in the Cary-Grove Community
  • Cross market opportunities, tournament volunteerism and fund-raising between all member sports leagues
  • Provide Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) Training to all of our member league’s coaches
  • Shared yearly PCA & coaching background check costs throughout all member leagues
  • Review and evaluate current costs paid to gain access to our sports facilities and the return on our investments
  • Work together as one united voice to communicate the needs of our children in the Cary-Grove youth sports community with the Park District, School Districts, and Village.

New To The Area?

Check out our member organizations to see what sports are available for your children, and what opportunities there are for you to contribute to the vibrant community that is the Cary-Grove Area.


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